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Information Menu: - Information and links, ties together the various parts of the site and offers a sort of informal appendix along with other oddments not included elsewhere.

About My Art: - A short description of my work and the ideas behind it

Links and Sources: - Supporting links to subjects refered to on my site plus any other flotsam and jetsum that I feel like putting here

3D Environments: - A comparision of two leading 3D chat environment I use on a regular basis.

Rose Menu: - 3d chat environment called Rose, this menu in time will become a sub menu of a much broader treatise on 3d chat rooms. There are pictures of some of the rooms.

About Rose: - A description of the Rose 3D chat environment. Images of various rooms within the chat program.

About Rose 01 - About Rose 02 - About Rose 03 - About Rose 04

Join Rose: - An opportunity to join Rose or take advantage of any trial or introductory offers.

Rose Downloads: - 3D models and environments created by Random Man for use in Rose

Art Galleries: - Art By Random Man