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There are various types of 3D environment on the internet which include vrml communities games sites and others, in this text i will concentrate on so 3D chat programs.

As computers and internet connections get faster so the possabilities to interact in a 3D environment online become greater. People are very aware of how computer games have been exploiting this for some time but the area of 3D chat is less well known.

The idea started with people being frustrated with normal chat programs using just text as a medium for communication. Various ideas have been tried an are in use and web cams and voice are now popular items. Alongside these concepts another idea was explored, creating a character (avatar) to represent yourself which you can manipulate in a simulated 3D environment.

Whilst these are called "chat" programs they are often very different from the concept of an ordinary chat program. In many of them an array of tools are available to allow you to modify your avatar (the representative in the 3D world of you) and in some cases tools to change the environement around you as well.

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