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Despite the apparent surface similarities Rose and Worlds are very different in their structure and culture.

Rose: -

Here you have your own online "house", you are provided with a set of ready furnished rooms as soon as you get online. However this is a space where you can create a series of your own rooms. Users with even very limited skills can build rooms on templates (called room shapes by Rose users) with a surprising amount of individuality. A fair amount of furniture and gadgets are provided with the program and users have sites offering a vast array of additional items and pre-decorated rooms, giving everyone opportunities to make an online environment that suits them.

A wide range of ready made actors (avatars) are supplied and recently the Actor Studio has been added which allows people to create their own by selecting from "off the peg" bodies and clothes. There are other more technicaly difficult methods of making actors and many users have mastered these techniques and share their creations with the rest of us.

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