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Rose offers it's users a huge ammount of control over what goes on in the program and though time has only allowed my personal experience of 3D chat has been limited to only 3 systems so far, I am told by many others that it is one of the most, if not the most, sophisticated on the market.

The culture of Rose is very much defined by it's structure. Much of the interaction between users takes place in private rooms in small groups. That having been said there are public rooms and clubs which are well used and various members of the community organise a wide range of events ranging from contests to dances.

Worlds: -

Most of the users spend their time in public chat rooms, there are some private spaces but to create them requires a reaching a certain level of technical cabability with a developer too known as The Shaper. Because worlds has been designed to provide a selection of open chat rooms rather than private spaces the "rooms" tend to be somewhat larger in proportion to the avatars.

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