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The number of ready made avatars is greater than that offered in Rose and the Avatar Gallery which allows you to make avatars from "off the peg" parts is also more sophisticated and varied. The technicaly minded have available another way to make avatars through the manipulation of a code, however there are some severe limitations and the creative freedom and sophistication that is possible with Rose avatars can't be achieved on Worlds.

The culture is obviously very different, most of the users spend their time in open chat rooms that are much busier than their counterparts on Rose. On Worlds everyone seems to know everyone else where as with Rose people seem to form smaller groups.

Both Rose and worlds use text boxes as the primary form of communication and these will be familiar to the users of normal chat programs. Rose also offers voice and web cam support to those who wish to use it.

Streamed music is available in both programs. Worlds provides sound tracks which can be switched on or off by the user. Rose connects to a radio station via the internet which is also optional. In addition Rose users can choose to "broadcast" or receive url links to or from other users and this is often used for people to enjoy a common listening experience.

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