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I studied art late in life as a mature student initialy with very traditional ideas but they changed rapidly as I learned more about the modern and contemporary world of art.

My initial interest as an artist was in painting and drawing, this later expanded into sculpture and I spent some time experimenting with construction using natural and found objects.

An unfortunate change in circumstances meant that I had to live in a small london flat. The lack of space made working on large pieces impossible. Frustrated I turned to the digital world of cyber space where my creative working environment could be as large as I wanted while it sat tardis like inside the small grey box of a computer.

I found a medium which though popular for with designers illustrators and animators. Computers are usual considered a medium for graphics and have not yet made a huge impact on the fine art community. It has become something of a mission for me to try and change that perception of computer art. I believe an image created with computer is as valid a statement for an artist as anything created by painting, drawing or any other traditional means.

My computer work currently falls into two main areas, abstract and landscape. The abstracts are often textural and frequently draw from landscape as their initial inspiration. The landscapes are from my imagination and persue an interest in spiritual and religious ideas I first explored as a sculptor.

I now live in a house and once more have the space to work on a larger scale. I hope with in the next year to start painting again and also am considering some ideas for new sculpture and mixed media projects.

My current artwork is exhibited as limited edition giclee prints and has in the last year been shown in a number of venues around Lancashire where I now live by the sea.

Enjoy my site and come back again soon,

Random Man