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I use both Worlds and Rose on a regular basis, I like both though by nature I am inclined to the slightly more intimate nature of chatting on Rose than I am to the hectic atmosphere on Worlds. This however just reflects my real world preferences for small dinner parties over wild parties. I know people who use both programs, some share my preference others like Worlds better.

3D chat is rarely free, and when it is there is always a catch, so I suggest anyone considering it to take advantage of the trial offers and look round before you decide which to choose, think carefuly and not just about the money. I know we like everything on the net to be free but, consider the costs to the provider. These communities are more expensive to keep running than a simple text based chat using off the peg software on a server in the corner of a data centre. They require clever programming and talented artists to continue developing. Some start out as free, but almost all transfer over to some system of charging after a while, consider this if you decide to join one because it is free at this moment in time.

I hope you have fun with your explorations and if you do join either Rose or Worlds I use the name Random_Man on both so feel free to say hello :-)

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